Blogmas: Christmas for the Childless Heathen

It’s finally December. NaNo’s over, Halloween is long past, and the high is only 80 which can mean just one thing: Christmas is right around the corner.

Christmas easily tied with Halloween as my favorite holiday when I was little for probably the obvious reason: PRESENTS. As I got older it lost favor, but I still really enjoyed “the spirit” of the holiday, whatever that means, and baking cookies, watching sappy movies, and winter break from school. But I also moved to Ohio and Christmas became synonymous with bitterly cold weather and the constant reminder that my family was fucked up.

For about the past decade I’ve detested Christmas a little more every year. I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s probably got something to do with adult responsibilities. I do hate that it encroaches on Halloween, that it starts so damn early, and that it’s such a big fucking deal, but none of those things are actually Christmas’s fault. I am also not a fan of the religious overtones or the obligations that seem to come along with it, but again, not Christmas’s fault. Christmas has just become more of a chore than a celebration, and that’s a big bummer.

So I could go on this way, being a different shade of gloomy every year for longer and longer stretches, or I could fix it. So you know what? WE GON FIX IT.

For the 31 days of December, I’m dedicating the blog to Christmas and wintery-themed things. I don’t have kids and I’m areligious, so that kinda stuff is out, but I’m on a mission to have a fun, meaningful time without those things that so many tout as necessary to actually experience Christmas. Christmas is a feeling, they say, and it’s my mission to get that feeling back.

I also want to experiment with starting some traditions. Husband and I will be married five years this March, but we still don’t really have any traditions surrounding anything. Most people don’t consider a couple to be a family, and though I dis-a-fucking-gree wholeheartedly, I probably internalized that. But fuck that.

So I’m taking back Christmas from myself and will probably have the most fuck-riddled blogmas. You’re welcome.

And here have a bonus alternative Christmas song:

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