Blogmas: Tossing Cookies

Today is day two of the great Spartakening. I swear, this is not a food blog, but this is like a three day cake. Easy steps for tonight were: make some ganache, pour it on, put back in fridge. The easiest step, eating, comes tomorrow. At least, I hope it’s easy. Gods, please let it be easy.

I did manage to fuck up the ganache though: I needed it to cool down before putting it on the cold cake to avoid melting, buuut I let it sit too long and it came out more like icing? So I got almost no drips and it looks a little bit like one really long, thin turd all over the cake. I used raspberries to masque that. You know I tried to throw Tatyana under the bus yesterday, but that was just to hide the fact I don’t know what the fuck I am doing.

It still looks pretty, though, right?

Also, I forgot to mention, but last night after all the baking and before the blogging, I cleaned the whole kitchen and did all the dishes. My kitchen is cleaner today than it’s been since Thanksgiving during which it was messy and I WASN’T EVEN HERE. So go me, I’m being an adult. Someone give me a cookie.

Today was a really nice day, but busy. I’m on my company holiday committee (repping IT) which I lovingly refer to as the party planning committee.

It’s not as ridiculous as I was hoping.

For a dollar a piece, employees can purchase candy grams for someone in the office, and we will be delivering little bags of candy and holiday messages to the recipients. It’s a pretty cute idea, but I was worried it might not take. My concern was totally unfounded. We have SO MANY to hand out, and we’re still collecting them up until the 13th. It’s going to be insane. Candy everywhere, diabetus running amok, sugar highs for everyone.

I’m so incredibly pleased that people at the company are taking such a big part in this. Some of our employees are off site so I’ve been filling out their grams, and I’ve seen a lot now that I’ve put bags together. The messages people are sending to one another are so kind and thoughtful, it’s really nice to see. The money we’re collecting will be used to purchase gifts for a family that has fallen on hard times that the company has adopted for Christmas, and some people have straight up given monetary donations as well. I even had someone contact me today that wants to donate a laptop to the family. People really can be pretty amazing.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still think humanity sucks, and we’re all doomed, but maybe we’re not the worst 100% of the time.

Also, I got my cookies:

As a millenial, I need instant gratification.

Short blog today because I’m extra tired, so going along with that theme, I’m only half-assing the song too:

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