Blogmas: Favorite Commercials

I don’t watch TV anymore. With the advent of on demand internet-watching stuff, cable has gone out the window for me and so have commercials. While I’m mostly happy about that, there are a couple Christmas-y commercials that used to come on every year that I really liked. So in order to totally half-ass this blog today, here are a few of my favorites.

Hershey Kisses – who doesn’t love that little extra bell at the end?

Gap – Any of those weird ass Gap commercials from the 90s/00s are a fucking treat:

Coca Cola Polar Bears – Remember when this was like the height of CGI?

Folgers Siblings – Every line in this thing is golden, and you know exactly why:

And the Christmas advert to end all adverts. If I need to cry for any reason, I just put this on (this also counts as the music for today because I wasn’t being lazy enough!):

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