Blogmas: Treat Yo Self

A very busy week was capped nicely last night by a very good time, as you may have seen in my last post. That was a gift to myself where I got to do some of the basic white girl things I don’t typically get to do because I don’t really have friends *insert lady emoji with her hand up like “o well”* Just kidding, I obviously have friends, I am just a homebody!

This morning, I went out shopping pretty early to beat the “already mad rush” so I could finish up shopping for the family my company has adopted for Christmas. Some had already been done, and I was given what was left ($416) to even out the gifts for the kids, get wrapping paper, and a gift card with the leftover. So I managed to magically spend $216 leaving me with an even $200 for the gift card.

Since we took donations from coworkers in the form of cash or gift cards, I had multiple forms of payment, including a lot of one dollar bills, so checkout was a little difficult. I had some printed egift cards which required scanning, and some plastic swipeable cards, and then cash. The cashier got more and more annoyed with me even though I was very quick to hand her everything. I always make an effort to be overly nice to people in the service industry because I know that shit is fucking hard, and it’s especially difficult around the holidays, but it didn’t matter what I did, this lady was determined to be pissed off at me. So I didn’t buy the gift card from her, and instead walked all the stuff out to the car, recounted the money, and walked back in and purchased the gift card from what was probably the sweetest old lady who had to count almost 100 ones out, but she was actually tickled to do so and when I apologized, told me “No, honey, it’s fine, we can always use ones, we love em!” So that kind of made everything better.

Once I got back home and ate lunch, I curled up in the recliner with all the soft blankets in the house that Husband was so kind to bring to me and started to nap. I was warm and cozy, but then someone knocked on the front door and my heart shot up into my throat. We have a glass door and long window panel that are somewhat obscured by decoration, but you can see inside and out. There was a formally dressed woman on our front step, and Husband got up to answer, but I told him just to ignore it. She knocked a second time then left. I managed to fall back to sleep when the doorbell rang. This time Husband went for the door with long, angry strides. He was ready to tell whoever was out there off for waking up his wife (twice!) but this was just a delivery. Can’t get mad about that.

My nap was shot, but it could have been much worse. I putzed around the rest of the day, played some The Sims, then decided I needed to yoga. I almost always do yoga in the morning, so I forget how amazing yoga is in the afternoon/evening. Sometimes I stretch before bed, but nothing like a full routine. Well, holy shit guys, I am way more flexible and balanced than I thought! Just turns out morning time isn’t super conducive to complete bends and twists.

Then it was time to exfoliate and shave. I’m basically a werewolf, and I shave my pits and legs every day because I HAVE TO. My hair grows at a rate no human should have to live with, and it doesn’t come in light colored or even soft–it’s actually painful to wear pants when I haven’t shaved in 24 hours–but I’ve resigned myself to this mammalian existence. Today, though, I really went all out and worked at my skin with one of those rough glove things, then dragged a sharp bit of metal all over me til I looked like a seal. Now I feel like a goddess who has taken mortal form to find a lover. Yep, it’s as gross as it sounds.

The point here is just a reminder that you need to treat yourself now and again. While I think “treat yo self” culture has gone off the fucking rails (thanks Parks and Rec!), the underlying message is important: do something for you. DO IT.

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