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Blogoween Day 3 – Witchcrafting Wednesday: A Moon Wreath


I honestly thought making a video instead of a blog post would be easier. It was absolutely not. It was, however, actually a lot of fun, I just really poorly budgeted my time. Besides taking an hour to eat dinner and watch the new Shane Dawson video, I have worked on this all day, so like it’s only 15 minutes out of your life, but it was a whole day of mine, okay??

4 thoughts on “Blogoween Day 3 – Witchcrafting Wednesday: A Moon Wreath”

  1. Thoughts:

    1. Old CIO during an introspective: “We look forward, we don’t look backwards.”

    2. You should do more things on video, you really kept your temper in check. Like, anything you do on a regular basis, just record it.

    3. I hope you didn’t drink out of that cup after you were done, that straw went straight to cat butt town.

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