Blogoween Day 21 – Excuses and Complaints

I’m blogging via phone again. It is not growing on me.

After the world’s most unsuccessful internet chat with Xfinity where I was transferred to sales yet again for something that was competely unrelated, I called and set up a tech appointment. The guy was confused why I needed a tech when the internet was working at this address earlier this month. We are both confused, random man in India, we are both confused.

We went appliance shopping, and it was terrible. I miss Famous Tate. Sears Outlet is a rip-off. 40% off for a scratch means nothing when the original was already marked up by 60%. THIS IS WHY YOU’RE GOING BANKRUPT. Well, that and greed. And there are no fridges that fit in the irregular hole in this kitchen. NONE.

The cats are having a hard time. We’re finally away from noisy neighbors, but sleep is still out of reach. For now.