30 Days of Yoga


I’m not saying I definitively can feel everyone else doing these practices at the same time as me, but I am saying my brain certainly thinks it can.

Today’s practice was perfect for early morning (even though I did it in, like, late morning). Husband and I had matcha lattes after sleeping in, and the caffeine gave me the kinda buzz that makes one do this dance around the living room, so I chased Rutherford for a few minutes, then got on the mat.

I practice in front of an open window, and the tree pose at the end of the session afforded me a pleasant view of the first sunny day in what feels like three months here in Atlanta. So Husband and I found a local place to take a hike and actually went out and did it, and it was glorious. Muddy, chilly, a little dangerous, but glorious.


I’m sure we’ll return to rain and cold and grey come Monday that will last through to March, but at least for today it was nice to feel the sun on my face and the mud under my shoes.

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