30 Days of Yoga


I lost my internet connection in the middle of today’s yoga session, so today I meditated on how much Comcast sucks.

Really though, isn’t it sort of insane that, in this country, there are so many monopolies? Of course they’re not literal monopolies, not legally defined as monopolies, but there are so many massive conglomerates that there is very little to no competition for everything from ISPs to potato chips to electronics. Americans say that love capitalism and opportunity and bootstraps, but they don’t really know anything other than corporatism. And they say they hate socialism, but these massive corporations that run everything know that they’re “too big to fail” so they’re backed by the federal government already without actually being regulated so that they don’t fail or even worrying about paying any consequences if they do something illegal.

I swear I’m not trying to be a huge downer, it’s just that I am a huge downer today. I got my period this morning and I am bloated and cranky and everything hurts and sucks. There’s really no bright side to this, so it just is what it is. I also don’t have any tampons because I ran out on vacation and forgot to get more and the kind I need aren’t sold in the stores I normally go to and I thought I’d just order what I want on Amazon but then I need to order them in bulk and I’d really like to not need HUNDREDS OF TAMPONS sitting in my already cramped overflow closet, so it’s all big floppy pads for now, and oh, I’m still sick and I spilled cough syrup all over my laptop and my fuzzy blankey and my leggings and I’m cold and grumpy and I didn’t get ten thousand steps today and I straightened my hair and I meant to color it but I forgot to start early enough and I have so many grey hairs but not all in the same place, so I’m never going to have that awesome thick grey streak that all old witches get. So today just blows, okay?

But I did wear my leopard leggings and I had a good idea for my book, so all is not lost. Basically I’m adding dragons to SAT and NO ONE CAN STOP ME. CAW CAW, MOTHERFUCKERS!

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