30 Days of Yoga


I’m in a much better mood today, Dear Reader, and I think it’s in large part due to my littlest kitty crawling into my lap and giving me kitty kisses. Rutherford’s kisses are bizarre, though. He likes to have his chin scratched (wait for it, it gets weird) as he shoves his snout into your open mouth and have you breathe hot stank (the more morning-breath-y, the better) all over his face. Yes, with his wet, probably-just-buried-in-his-butthole nose millimeters away from my tongue. This is the only way I’ve been able to illicit purring from the depths of his tiny, dark, twisted soul. It’s just what he wants, man, I don’t know. Bonus points if you whisper to him, right against his skull. Doesn’t matter what you say, as long as it’s whispers. He is a fan of ASMR, apparently.

Yoga today was kicked up another notch, and I loved it. I felt really strong even though I always have trouble with upper body workouts (there were some pushups in there that Adriene absolutely avoided alluding to by name). On a slightly related note, I’ve become hyper aware of some tight muscles in my left arm/shoulder/upper back. Whenever I reach above my head, I feel like everything is unnatural and wrong on the left side. I have torticollis on that side, so this isn’t a surprise, but it’s increasingly annoying this month. I’ve also got some hip pain and thigh weakness on the left side from a car accident (almost ten years ago!) so I feel incredibly lopsided today. Regardless, it was a good workout even though Rutherford tried to eat my ponytail when I was in downward dog.

I did have some trouble with Kapalabhati (a breathing technique) considering I’m still a bit stuffed up. There was snot (my number one most-hated human juice) and blockages and general discomfort during that. I was also surprised: no goddess pose? On the divine day? Why don’t my thighs hurt right now???

I suppose I should be grateful, really, so thanks, whatever being floating out in the ether deigned to make that not happen today. I’m sure it was totally a choice and not just random happenstance.

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