30 Days of Yoga


Today’s session was a quite good one for crying, but, you know me, I kept it together!

I do love the instruction to “breathe lots of love in, and breathe lots of love out” because I imagine sucking in and blowing out all these little, sparkly hearts and sending them off into the universe to people who need them. I hope they get there.

Today when we were in mountain pose, I finally recognized the shape when Adriene said to imagine the crown of your head as the peak and your hands as the roots. Indeed, with your arms out beside you, you are like a mountain, grounded down and reaching for the sky. With my eyes closed, I imagined tiny trees poking out all over my arms and becoming a human landscape, and I wondered if mountains ever imagine they’re little people.

My heirloom rocking chair was supposed to be delivered today. Well, it was supposed to be delivered on the 11th, then it was supposed to come on the 18th, then today, and now finally it’s supposed to come on Monday, and I know it’s a bit broken, but I’m very concerned it’s broken well beyond repair, and I have little faith it’s coming at all. After all of this, all I can think about is how this chair is so symbolic of my body. It’s a very sad thought for love day, but it is what it is. All I can do is try to love myself despite the constant reminder I’m lacking something that should be so easy, but I did believe it when I was rolled up in that little ball.

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