30 Days of Yoga


It’s crazy how much more flexible I am at the end of the day as opposed to the beginning. I like starting my day with yoga after a hot shower (I don’t function without showering first thing in the morning, this is a result of being very greasy, very hairy, and very sweaty at night). Yoga can set the tone for the rest of the day, remind me to basically be a better, more patient person. And I’m generally pretty flexible anyway. But oh boy, yoga at day’s end has me getting into poses so much more easily.

Alive was a much shorter practice, so it fit into my day well. We had another busy, long day which was full of fun, but I was concerned I wouldn’t get on the mat once we got home. I will admit I thought about just packing in two practices tomorrow, but realized I would have been disappointed with myself tomorrow if I did that. Now, no disappointment, only pride! Sure, it seems a little thing, taking 14 minutes from my day to stretch, but you gotta know by now it’s not.

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