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The Korinniad Is Here!

The Korinniad is available right now on Amazon as an ebook and in print!

Get it now! Do it! Download it! Make a writer’s day!

And from 2/2/20 – 2/7/20 The Korinniad will be FREE to download on Kindle!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably seen me mention this project, not always by name, but in one way or another. The Korinniad is easily my best work, a comedy/adventure/romance/fantasy (I can’t narrow down the genre much more than that, sorry) set in ancient, mythological Greece. The story follows Korinna, a servant at a potter’s shop, and her desperate attempt at saving herself from the local virgin sacrifice. Against her best judgement, she prays to the gods for help, but Olympians aren’t really known for helping, and Korinna gets launched into a journey to find her adelphi psychi, or soul mate, encountering monsters, demigods, and even some regular old dudes along the way.

The Korinniad has some strong language (though you should expect no less from a fucker like me), and there’s talk of adult themes, but nothing explicit in the actual text (sorry to disappoint!) The story is, in my opinion, perfect for Valentine’s Day–there’s a cupid in it for crying out loud–but if you’re not really into romance there’s plenty of action and adventure to lose yourself in too.

If, Dear Reader, you decide to indulge me and give it a perusal with your lovely little eyeballs, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads or making a post on your favorite social media to help get the word out (since she’s self published, she doesn’t have a marketing team behind her). I’m on Instagram @akcagg, Twitter @ashleyawezum, and have a Facebook fan page, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

This is the culmination of many years of work, and the official kickoff to my Year Of Content, and I am just so incredibly pleased.

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