CampNaNo April 2020 Week 1

Week one is (mostly) done, and so I thought I may be too. Not because I’m sick of this story–on the contrary I’m super excited about it–but because I didn’t record my words correctly on any day, and I’m behind! I actually spent a lot of time reorganizing and plotting the first couple days of April which wasn’t how I planned things out at all, but it’s how things sort of went. Then I realized, I already had a lot plotted, and I should just dive into that. Filler (good filler, not nonsense, you know what I mean) can literally be filled in later.

I’m doing much better today.

Mondays are almost always good for me though. That’s counter to a lot of peoples’ experience, but I like a Monday. I consider it a start to a new week, open to fresh posibilities. I like to start weeks in my bullet journal by Mondays, and I count my progress on anything from Monday to Sunday. Though this month I’ve set up my bujo a little differently.

This year I got a huge book because I refuse to be crammed into that very convenient to carry A5.

It’s very simple, but I wanted a two-page spread to track every NaNo day. Considering we’re all sheltering in place (or should be), there isn’t much else going on this month, so I downsized my daily square size and am tracking the words and where I should be act-wise in each. As of writing this, I’m behind, but by the end of the day I intend to be ahead. Will it work? Who knows!

I haven’t been tracking sprints this time around, and I kind of don’t know why. It’s a bit like it just occurred to me that I should be? I guess I’ll start doing that when I get back to it. I’ll probably record those averages in my notebook too. There’s no room for improvement if you don’t already know where you stand, right?

I’m also continuing to revise She’s All Thaumaturgy. I wanted her ready for my beta readers by April 1, but that didn’t happen, so my new plan is just as soon as possible. Still looking at end of May for a release, but it could be early June instead. Either way, I’ll be on track for four releases in 2020 which I’m hanging onto for dear life.

I had a little breakthrough today on the plot for Vacancy‘s final book today though! I don’t know if I’ll follow through with the idea, it’s kind of ridiculous and a sitcom-y, but then that’s sort of Vacancy‘s nature, so it will probably be made just a bit more silly and then I’ll go with it.

I’ll leave you today with a tiny snippet from book two that doesn’t tell you anything about anything:

Ren returned with folded papers in his hands. “These are filled out, but they must be filed in person.”

“I have to go into Moonlit Shores?”

“Yes. I avoid warlockian bureaucracy at all costs. I have made you an appointment for this afternoon at city hall.” Lorelei’s shoulder’s slumped as she took the paperwork. “I believe you can handle something like this on your own by now, yes?”

She peered up at him. Elves belittled you when they could, even unintentionally, but on the rare occasion that they tried to build you up, it certainly worked. She nodded and stuffed the papers into her sweater. “Yeah, I can do it.”

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