My Heart Goes Out To The Protesters

It’s weird how almost universally people can watch or read something like The Hunger Games and side with Katniss and the rebellion, but when the opportunity comes up in real life, they’re rooting on The Capital even when they’re not a part of it.

What can I even say? Sitting here in my suburban home, white, privileged, safe. Knowing I have done things in my life that would warrant arrest but safely getting away with them while knowing black people have been imprisoned for far less. That’s the problem with telling people to just vote. Just vote, don’t go out and say anything, don’t protest, don’t riot. There are so many people disenfranchised from voting through a criminal history or gerrymandering/electoral fraud. Almost everyone I know has smoked marijuana, used other drugs, drank underage, sped or committed loads of other driving infractions, stolen something accidentally or otherwise, or committed some kind of fraud. Almost all of those people have suffered zero criminal repercussions even when a police officer has been involved. You think I know/am bad people? Nah, we’re just talking about all the white people I’ve known my entire life who have been pulled over for speeding or have been caught smoking pot and just been let go.

But those things are technically all illegal, and they add up, and holding onto really small amounts of, for instance, marijuana has been a felony for a very long time. All that is to say, those are great excuses to take voting rights away from the people who the judicial system chooses to take them away from. Voting can’t work when the oppressing class are the only ones allowed to vote, and even when that class does vote in the interests of someone other than the authoritarian bullshit we have going on now? It still gets fucked through electoral fraud and shit like the electoral college.

And sure there are “good cops,” but if you have 100 cops, and one of them takes joy in targeting a group of people and the other 99 know about it? Then you have 100 bad cops. Imagine the same thing happening at a school. There’s 100 teachers, and one of them is assaulting kids in the bathroom at lunch. If the other teachers find out and do nothing, then they all may as well be doing it. People fucking love to tear apart mothers who “let” their kids get molested by their partners, they often say those people are worse than the other perpetrators, but they never extrapolate the same sentiment to the world at large. Your bias is showing.

Sorry, I don’t know where this is going. Again, I have nothing different or new to add, just my own bungled thoughts on this situation. Ultimately it boils down to this: this is a scary dangerous time in our world without these protests: the US slips into a fascist government more and more every day, white supremacy has run amok, covid 19 is nowhere near under control, and just existing while being black has become (or always has been) an offence punishable by death without even a trial. So to the protesters I say, please be careful. Do what you must, but please survive this thing.

Black lives matter.

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