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My Second Novel Is Live!

What a great day! She’s All Thaumaturgy is finally here! The stupid concept I came up with at least three years ago to mash up a sword and sorcery setting with She’s All That has come to fruition!

The ebook is available here on Amazon, but I implore you to wait until tomorrow to pick it up as it will be FREE 6/29/20 through 7/3/20. I wanted it to be free on its release date, but I set the book up ahead of time so it would go live on a specific date, but the program to make it free wasn’t available to me until the book was already live, and then that free program only allows you to start on a future date (not the current one), so I couldn’t start that up until tomorrow. Basically, I’m not sure there’s a way to do what I wanted to do with KDP, so this might be my issue going forward which is annoying, but here we are!

Anyway, the point is, the book is out now, and if you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s free ALL THE TIME for you, so you guys can grab it right now! The print version is also coming, it will just be a few days behind as I have a few last-minute checks to do on the newest proof copy and will then need Amazon’s final check to say “okay, yes, nothing in here is too egregious for our shelves.” I did some fun things with formatting this go around, and I need to be absolutely sure!

I’ve also enrolled She’s All Thaumaturgy in ACX which is Audible’s program to create an audio book. I wrote about recording my own audio for The Korinniad, (which I did complete!) but it turns out editing that audio after the fact for Audible is one of the most time-consuming processes I’ve ever taken part in, so I had to just put that project on hold because writing is far more important right now. I decided for SAT I would get a professional to record and edit (a producer) and share royalties with them instead. I’m incredibly excited about this! But know that it is a slow process and probably won’t be available for quite a while.

One of the mistakes I made prior to release is screwing up the Goodreads page for SAT. On Goodreads, authors with initials in their name are mostly styled like this: “A.K.” instead of like this: “A. K.” and that period fucked me over (as periods are wont to do). I created SAT under the version with a space because that’s how I normally type my name, forgetting I’d styled my name without the space to fall in line with other authors, and so it created a whole new author instead of linking up to my existing profile. I submitted a support ticket, but haven’t heard back from them yet except to say they’re very busy and it could take longer than expected (not that I even got an “expected” time). The book cover isn’t showing up either, so who knows what’s going on. It wouldn’t be a book release without something going wrong, I suppose.

But she’s here! And she’s fun! And she’s exciting! And, ya know, I’m really proud of her. Like all my projects, I hope she brings at least a little joy to whoever picks her up, including you if you are so inclined, Dear Reader. Happy book release day!

P.S. An ice cream truck is coming to my neighborhood today, and if you think I’m not going to reward myself with some socially-distant ice cream, well…okay, let’s be honest, NOBODY thinks I’m not going to have ice cream to celebrate. You can bet on that.

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