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Camp NaNoWriMo July 2020 – Week 1

Day 1 – 2571 words.

Day 2 – 1042 words. Felt too distracted to do well, issues in my neighborhood made me feel uneasy and paranoid (but the multiple cars that parked outside my house then drove off were probably coincidental and had nothing to do with the right wing crazies around). Spent the day reworking an scene I wrote into book two but decided to push into this, book three.

Day 3 – 2011 words. Feeling better if only a little on edge. Annoyed I’m not feeling safe enough to go for a walk, but think I’m coming down with something anyway, and the weather is miserable. Had a lull in action in my plot (so early? who would have guessed!) so I finally just wrote through it.

Day 4 – 2684 words. Pretty good day today. Started early with a few productive sprints then came back to it in the early afternoon for some more. Getting to some drama in the plot, so it’s easier to churn out what happens. I moved the “catalyst” up a bit too. Since this is the third in the series, I don’t think the story needs as much setup as a brand new book would need to a reader.

Day 5 – 856 words. Boy do I feel like shit today! I’ve had a little bit of a sore throat for two days, and today it got much worse. I got up early as usual and started working early, but fatigue set in pretty quickly, and I needed a nap. Thankfully, I’m ahead overall. On the plus side, getting excited about the arc of some of these characters! Also I’m rewriting one of their personalities, so that’s going to be a…minorly big rewrite going back to books one and two. (Minorly big? Is that a thing? Is this a fever dream?) But I like her better this way, so I’m pretty happy with it. My final proof copy for She’s All Thaumaturgy finally showed up today too, so the paperback is almost here!

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