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She’s All Thaumaturgy is Now Available in Paperback!

It took a few more days because the words just kept coming for this book and so adjustments with the spine and internally formatting had to be made, but She’s All Thaumaturgy is finally available in paperback!

I’ve only got a proof copy, so I’m just showing you the ebook cover, but trust me, the thing is real!

You might notice that this book costs more than The Korinniad in paperback. This is due to Amazon’s printing costs and some imaginary charge I can never figure out that equates to me making about 7 cents if I price this at $9.99 too. (Isn’t that nuts? The author making 7 cents on a $10 book?) So to make close to what I make with an ebook sale (less than $2), I had to up the price of this one. She’s a thicc girl though at 108k words whereas TK was 75k, so it’s over a quarter more book! (I think that’s how math works anyway.)

If you grab her in any format, or if you got her free, enjoy! And if you enjoyed, consider leaving a review!

She’s All Thaumaturgy on Amazon

She’s All Thaumaturgy on Goodreads

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