The Korinniad

Welcome, Fall & Korinniad Reviews

Well, not technically yet, but autumn is just around the corner, and September just feels like fall, doesn’t it? I mean, not in the southern US where it’s still in the high 80s with 90% humidity every damn day, but the word certainly evokes something like steaming teacups and spooky creakings and cool breezes.

Another cause for celebration today: The Korinniad‘s been reviewed via video by T.H. Leatherman:

I really love Leatherman’s reviews because they’re so lyrical and funny. He puts a lot of heart into them, and also did I mention he has the CUTEST DOG IN THE WORLD? You can follow him on WordPress for his latest updates, reviews, and writings.

The Korinniad was also reviewed by Lorinda J. Taylor over on her blog in June, and I know I posted about it on social media, but can’t remember if I blogged about it. It too was so thoughtful and kind, and just made my heart overflow. I’ve been reading one of Taylor’s books set in a fantastical world that’s been making me think a lot about mortality and what it means to be human which is funny because there aren’t any humans in the book. But that’s what good stories do to you!

I’ve been pretty blown away by the kindness in the writing community and the people I’ve met (and by “met” I mean the people I communicate with every once and a while on Twitter) in 2020. I set out to make this my year–a lot of people did, I think–and though the world has just bounced itself right off course, I still feel like I’m thriving in a way, and I have the successes of other people to thank for that.

Seeing other people do the damn thing is inspiring, now I just need to get my damn thing done too.

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