Crappy Content

Good is subjective. My good and your good are undoubtedly different. Good is also mutable. What I think is good today, I may hate tomorrow. Good is perhaps relative too. X is good compared to Y, but bad compared to Z.

There are so many things that aren’t good–my good, right now, in relation to so much else–but some of those things are popular, so my question is this: If something is popular, is that enough to declare it good? And should I just lighten the fuck up?

To be clear, I am just talking about taste here, not ethics, and I’m not coming from a place where I think I am producing universally good content. (I do think one can criticize without having the skills to produce, though if one intends to criticize, one should understand the medium and its limitations.) I just wonder sometimes because I see a lot of popular bad.

And it’s the popular bad that confuses me because it’s not like bad content should necessarily be derided or hidden or discouraged, but why isn’t it just…ignored? It just seems to get so much interaction. Even on the small scale I so often wonder how some accounts and blogs and, yes, books (my biggest pet peeve) get so many interactions and sales when they’re riddled with grammatical errors and shallow, thoughtless content.

Maybe it’s because people don’t know correct grammar, and maybe they’re shallow and thoughtless themselves, but that feels incredibly elitist to say. It almost definitely is. It’s just hard to see something that just means nothing and uses the wrong “its” get shared and liked and lauded over.

I’m not saying I deserve that attention and praise instead of these other things. I am one mediocre minnow of a content creator in a Pacific Ocean expanse of amazing whales. I just wish all the things that got attention were good because then they’d be something to aspire to. As it stands, I find myself wondering if I should put my efforts into producing crap that might have a better chance at universal appeal. Crap that’s fake deep enough to get people to blindly reblog it. Crap that makes people feel good without having to do good.

Because I do understand that even crappy content takes effort, especially if that crap is being produced by someone who thinks it’s good. And sometimes bad content does make you feel good, and that’s okay and needed. So maybe it actually is good then? Their good anyway, right then, in comparison to, I guess, the things they see and think they could do better than.

Really, these are just fleeting thoughts. I know in the end I always come back to myself and what I truly want to do. I tried once producing content that I thought would make money fast, and while it was sort of fun, it certainly wasn’t sustainable. So I guess these bad content creators might best be thought of as one of two people: soulless hack who doesn’t care the content is bad and just wants to make a quick buck, OR heartfelt dummy who really believes in the shtick they’re selling. I don’t know that either is better, but I hope I can manage to be neither.

2 thoughts on “Crappy Content”

  1. If the creators you are angsting about are performing at their max level (that is, mediocre) and attracting an audience (presumably mediocre as well), then there is nothing to complain about. Things are as they should be.

    If the creators are capable of more and are producing less for the sole purpose of success, it would be likely the creator carries some guilt over not performing at their potential. That karma should help ease your mind.

    If the creators are capable of more and are producing less and feel no guilt, they are not really worthy of your concern.

    Money can’t buy you a clear conscience, so if you don’t want to end up as #2 and you’re clearly more capable than #1 and have enough decency to not be #3, your only option is to create your best work and attract the smaller, but higher-quality audience. Their money is the same, but their appreciation is worth more.

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    1. I guess all that is fair, fans of crap won’t likely be fans of non-crap (that Big Bang/The Office venn diagram barely overlaps) so no potential here is lost. The angst remains though all the saaaaaame.


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