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The Association – Cover Reveal

Hiss, hiss, bitch!

It’s finally October and that means it’s release month! As always, this beautiful cover was done by Anna Lena Spies at Eerily Fair Cover Design. I adore her and her work, and if you’re in the market for custom or premade fantasy or romance work, she is amazing!

The Association is coming along even with the upheaval that September has been. I intended to be in a very different place with the book today than I am, but even if I’m publishing this thing on Halloween, by gods it is getting out into the world before October ends!

I do not know how those people who just write and publish one book after another over and over do it. I have to reread and rewrite and replot and trash and cut and create new, and then look at the whole thing and go “Really? That’s it???” while freaking out about just erasing it and starting all over again before anything is done. I mean, good for them, I just can’t imagine ever being a 12-book-a-year kinda lady.

Still, I hope I can get that fourth book out this year. It would be amazing, if incredibly lofty, but I think it’s still within reach. I’ll be on a different trajectory after The Association is out, focusing on series as opposed to one-offs and diving into actual marketing as well which means more time in every world and more money too. I’m looking at a pretty strong finish to my first Year of Content, something I hoped for but didn’t exactly have much faith in. I guess I still have one or two surprises left in me.

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