Jinx Is A Fun Word

I’m reticent to blog about personal issues until they’re totally resolved. It’s at least a little to do with superstition and my fear of jinxes, and probably a lot more to do with this one time when doing that sort of bit me in the ass. Here’s that mini-story:

On an older blog of mine I posted about an experience I had with a set of police officers after getting into a car accident that had me laid up in the hospital. The blog was riddled with every swear word imaginable (as you can fucking imagine) and while it was accurate to my memory and totally honest, it was the kind of honesty a lot of people don’t like because I called out some shitty behavior on those police officers’ parts and had the audacity to complain someone else hit me and took away my ability to walk for over a month. What a bitch, right?

Well, I got sued from that accident (total bullshit, not sure how the person who hit me was able to then sue me for the damages they did to themselves, but ya know, anything to fuck over the poorest, youngest person involved in the accident, right?) and they used my blog post in the trial thingy. While it was, again, factually accurate and didn’t objectively paint me in a negative light, I have a feeling all the f-bombs fucked up my image.

So now I like to wait til things are cleared up before posting about them, but sometimes that means a million shitty things are going on at once, and my one outlet, writing, can’t be utilized how I’d like to get out all these crappy feelings. It also means that by the time the things are over, I’m so exhausted by them that I don’t want to recount everything, so I don’t even end up with blog fodder in the end! Kinda sucks.

But I’m trying a new thing: manifestation. I’m determined to manifest positive outcomes for all these problems coming up. I’m not saying it’s going to work, but I’m sure as shit going to try. One of my biggest problems is anger–>pessimism–>depression spirals, so focusing on the most positive outcome and willing that to happen may help me, at least in the short term, to get through the weedy, shitty waiting part.

And on a naturally positive front, I’ve jumped back into The Association‘s final draft, and I really like it! It’s a solid little murder mystery, it’s cozy as fuck, has a nice amount of steam between the love interests, and I really think that if you like supernatural, urban fantasy, you’ll like this book. I’m not great with the sales pitches, but really, I believe in this thing.

And I think I’m ready to say it’s coming out October 31st. Hell yeah!

3 thoughts on “Jinx Is A Fun Word”

  1. Me too, Ashley. I am in the same boat right now. Some things have happened that I never spoke about publicly, yet, but I can’t write about them for similar reasons. I’m also still trying to work through the emotions of it all. I wish for the best for you in whatever you are facing.

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