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The Association Is Out In Paperback

I got the proof copy in almost immediately, and then turned around and approved it right away (a second too fast actually because I found a mistake, had to redo the file, wait til the mistake-riddled one was approved, then reupload and wait for a second Amazon approval. The long and short of that is : I HATE CURLY V STRAIGHT QUOTES, HAVING TO CHOOSE SHOULDN’T EVEN BE A THING, AND CLOSED QUOTES SHOULDN’T SHOW UP IF AN OPEN QUOTE DOESN’T PRECEED IT WTF).

And after all that, now the paperback can be in your hands too!

Only real gamerz have rainbow keyboardz.

So obviously the real paperback won’t have “not for resale” slapped across the cover, this is just how proof copies are, but god dayum would you look at how beautiful that cover is! Anna really outdid herself on this one, I have to say. She’s my digital angel that always shines a light into the darkness of my worst writing days by sending over concepts that make me so excited about upcoming books! We worked out the covers for all three Vacancy books recently, and they are just *chef’s kiss*!

Speaking of Vacancy and covers, that series will likely be out in ebook only. As much as I enjoy holding my books in my hands, it makes more sense to not have print versions, I think. I’m considering a single print version of all three books together in an anthology once they’re all released, but it may be too big and would probably cost quite a bit to produce, so I’m not sure it’s ultimately worth it. Maybe just something for myself, we’ll see.

For now I’ve completely my primary colors standalone triad, and I’m pretty gosh dang happy. Once my author copies of The Association come, expect all the pictures to flood my Instagram and Twitter. And I might even sneak peek The Weary Traveler cover…who knows!

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