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A Playlist For When Your Hair’s Big And Your Voice Is Even Bigger

Because I’m working on that part of The Weary Traveler (the werewolf karaoke scene), I took a little time to put together a short playlist of female power ballads for funsies.

This is a playlist for when you want to wear a sheer white robe and run down a darkened, abandoned manor corridor carrying a candelabra in a thunderstorm weeping about the ex husband’s death that you may or may not have caused.

The inspiration for the list which could basically just be Bonnie Tyler’s whole career.
Out here proving altos are superior.
A banger with bangs.
Arguably better than the original. Fight me.
The Bodyguard would have SO MUCH FANFICTION if it were released today, and I am here for the vampire AU version of it.
What I love about ABBA is there is no question they’re not American.
Perfection. Amazing. Flawless.

Honorable mention:

Or really anything by Meatloaf/Jim Steinman.

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