Some People Will Take All Your Candy

We are selling our house, and I have a bowl of candy out specifically for potential buyers. It’s obvious the candy is for people viewing the house because it’s right at the entrance and it’s basically the only thing in the whole damn place except a bottle of hand sanitizer and a candle that smells hella good even when it isn’t lit.

We go back regularly to check on the house, sweep up the dirt people track in, wipe the coffee rings off the counters, blow the leaves from the driveway, the usual. We went back recently and the bowl was about half depleted which was fine, we had a lot of showings in few days.

Then we had a few very slow days because, well, Christmas. In fact, I think only one or two sets of people went through between our previous visit and the one we made today for the regular cleaning/leaf blowing.

The bowl was nearly empty.

Some people will take, like, one or two pieces of candy, but some people–some people–will grab a big handful on the way in and on the way out. And then they’ll leave some wrappers sprinkled around the rooms for good measure.

There isn’t a moral here. I can’t tell who will take all the candy and who won’t by looking at them. I can’t even tell by their actions because they probably won’t do it in front of me. And really, can I even complain about this? I mean, I put the candy there to be taken.

I guess, all I can do is ask you to try to not be the person who takes all the candy. Because that person sucks.

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