Fantasy eBook Giveaway – 23 Free Titles!

Happy new year, Dear Reader. We made it to 2021, and I hope your resolution was to read more because I’ve got a link to 23 totally free ebooks from fantasy authors all over the internet for you to download, including my Greek-inspired myth, The Korinniad!

World of Fantasy Giveaway

This giveaway’s got it all:

  • Knights in literal shining armor
  • Mermaids in frozen lakes
  • Fairies, witches, and dragons
  • That thing when you start reading a story and you just can’t stop and then all of a sudden there’s no more words because you got to the end and you loved it so much you have to start over immediately

The theme for this giveaway is fantasy, folklore, and fairytales. There are books on myths and legends from all around the world, and each has their own unique, magical element for your reading enjoyment. They’re all also complete stories–novels, novellas, and novelettes–so don’t worry, you won’t be left hanging by a single one.

But grab them all fast, they’ll only be up and available til January 31st, 2021!

World of Fantasy Giveaway

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