More Free Fantasy eBooks – 35 Magic, Myth, and Alchemy Tales

Well, this is just your lucky week, Dear Reader, becuase we’re ending it (or beginning it, no judgement on how you organize your calendars) with another huge chunk of totally free ebooks. I started off the year linking you to 23 free fantasy novels and novellas, and now I’ve got some more:

Magic, Myth, & Alchemy Giveaway

You’re going to love all the stuff you’re getting here:

  • Boys with swords
  • Girls with wings
  • Shifters with bad attitudes
  • Cyberpunk without glitches

The theme for this giveaway is simply the fantasy genre, so there’s something here for everyone. These are all full stories, so you won’t be left hanging, but they’ll only be around until 1/31/21, so grab them now!

Magic, Myth, & Alchemy Giveaway

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