Folklore and Myth eBook Freebies – 9 Fantasy Stories

I’ve got one more giveaway for this month, starting today, but it only lasts til January 26th, so grab these books fast!

Folklore & Mythology Giveaway

Earlier this month I linked two other giveaways, and you can still snag those books til January 31st: the World of Fantasy Giveaway and the Magic Myth & Alchemy Giveaway, but this set of stories is a little different. The focus here leans a little more mytholgoical, and has everything:

  • Nymphs!
  • Labyrinths!
  • The Fates!

Immerse yourself in ancient tales, sword and sorcery, angry gods, and prepare for a few heartbreaks along the way.

Folklore & Mythology Giveaway

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