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First Live Newsletter When?

I didn’t think about the fact I’d scheduled my first newsletter to go out on Inauguration Day, but that’s what happened, and so yesterday it went live. Despite it being not exactly a spend-your-time-checking-emails kinda day, I still feel like it was successful, and now I’m way more confident with the whole process than I have been since starting out.

I haven’t really blogged all month because I’ve not been sure what to say in the wake of what happened to the US on the sixth. I have very strong feelings about unity post the Trump era, and the insurrection changed none of that save to make it stronger, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to get real deep in my feels about it again. Plus I mistakenly saw the video of the terrorist who was shot as well as the officer who led away/was followed by the mob, and it all brought up a lot of emotions that I’m not sure I can put words to outside of this: it’s fucking sad.

But I’m going to leave all those thoughts alone, and do this instead! Because 2021 is supposed to be my year of really making it, ya know? So If you want to sign up for my newsletter, do that here:

Success! You're on the list.

And if you just want to see what all the cool kids who already signed up got yesterday, check that out here!

At that link, you’ll have the opportunity to grab 70+ free ebooks, many of which you’ve seen linked here before as well as a couple news ones. There’s also a short section of personal updates about Vacancy and future projects.

Things have been weird so far, but I’m more productive now than ever, so I just need to stay in that headspace. I threw myself a lot of curveballs recently in regard to Vacancy, but I insist on staying on track, so wish me luck.

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