Free eBooks for February: A Genrepalooza!

Okay, Dear Readers, this is a BIG one. That’s what she said.

All Fiction Free Giveaway for February

This month I’m in two giveaways, and the first up is a pretty massive one with 69 (totes appropriate for Feb) free short stories and full novels that span just about every genre which guarantees there’s something in here for you.

We’ve got whodunits, we’ve got space operas, we’ve got bodice rippers, ghosts, blood, royalty, murder, space ships! What more could you want?

All Fiction Free Giveaway for February

Grab them ASAP because they’ll only be available for the month of February, and you know that’s the shortest month! And of course you can grab a copy of The Korinniad on that page for the price of your email address too, just go seek her out and pick up some other awesome fiction along the way!

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