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Character Mood Board – Conrad from The Vacancy Series

I really love playing around with Canva when I’ve hit a creative wall. I mean, I like making stuff on there when I’m on a creative roll too, but it’s especially helpful when I’m all “meh” or when I’ve been working all day and I still want to do something in the evening, but I can’t focus.

It’s funny that this and the mood board I made for Lorelei are both pretty somber and spooky (and blue, hah), but I don’t think they properly encapsulates the feel of the stories. The whole of The Vacancy Series is more irreverent, like light urban fantasy. Perhaps suburban fantasy which I thought I just made up but apparently is already a thing, and I really should have known that.

The mood boards are representative, however, of the the solitary versions of these characters, who they are when they’re alone and lost in thought. Even though I like writing really silly stories, “real” people need to be the foundation for that ridiculousness. Yes, there will be werewolf karaoke, but a sort of sad, mess of a girl is going to do it. And real people are often pretty ridic anyway.

So don’t take it too seriously, all the long stares and the gloomy colors. It’s fun, I promise! There’s only a little murder and almost zero bloodshed.

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