March eBook Giveaway – 89 Free Pieces of Fiction

This month I’ve got two bundles of all free fiction for you for the low, low price of your email address! Some of these pieces are samples, some are full books, and all of them are totally free, and you can grab them right now!

Be warned, though, depending on what you’re into, some of these covers/blurbs might offend those with more delicate sensibilities! I’m not judging you, Dear Reader, you do you, but be aware of what you might happen upon. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover something totally new that you love!

All Fiction March Giveaway

This March, all genre giveaway consists of ebooks and samples spanning from romance to thrillers to sci-fi to mystery. There are 61 titles here to choose from, and you can have them all if you want!

Why Be Normal? Atypical Romance Giveaway

This giveaway consists of 28 titles consisting of romance that has a little something different to offer you. Be it ghosts, the devil, cowboys, or astronauts, there’s something that sets each of these stories apart.

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