Free Audiobooks from Around the World

Audiobooks from Across the World – Giveaway

All right, Dear Reader, today you are Dear Listener because I’ve got something pretty special for you! This giveaway is the opportunity to get your hands on a bunch of FREE audiobooks in return for leaving a review. That’s right, audiobooks, which have a very high value, for nothing but your thoughts on the thing.

Audible gives its authors promo codes to hand out, and this giveaway is a way for us to get those promo codes into the hands (ears?) of readers (listeners!) who will leave honest and thoughtful reviews so that other listeners will know what they’re getting into when they spend their monthly allowances on our audio books.

So, click on and peruse the books. There are fantasies, romances, thrillers, and loads more to choose from. You just have to sign up for a code, and if approved the author will send you one and bam, free audio book with your promise to review!

Audiobooks from Across the World – Giveaway

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