Urban Fantasy Collections – Kindle Unlimited

Dear Reader, today I’m so excited to link you two different collections you can read for free on Kindle Unlimited or preorder for exceptionally low prices considering all of the words you’re going to get. These are both collections at short-term prices, so grab them today!

The Legacy of a Vampire Witch: The Complete Urban Fantasy Boxset

Included in this collection are 5 books and 1200+ pages of vampires, witches, and New Orleans Voodoo.

  • Book 1: Bloody Hell: My name’s Mercy Brown-but don’t let my name fool you. I’m merciless.
  • Book 2: Bloody Mad: A Vampire in an asylum? Like that’s going to end well…
  • Book 3: Bloody Wicked: Taking on a horde of demon possessed vampires? Time to get wicked!
  • Book 4: Bloody Devils: We were the terrors of New Orleans. And humanity’s only hope.
  • Book 5: Bloody Gods: I’ve always been the hunter… now I’m the hunted.

Just A Little Wicked: A Limited Edition Collection of Magical Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Tales

You call them witches like it’s a bad thing.
Put away your broomsticks and get out your cauldrons; it’s time to settle in for some frightfully delicious reads. Featuring:

  • Lily Luchesi
  • Margo Bond Collins
  • Maggie Alabaster
  • SK Gregory
  • Angela Kulig
  • Stephanie Barr
  • Raquel Anne
  • Corinne M. Knight
  • Nova Blake
  • J.A. Cummings
  • J.A. Belfield
  • Rebecca Lovell
  • Pepper Paris
  • DJ Shaw
  • Laurie Treacy
  • Azaa’a Davis
  • Jewel Cassidy

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