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Cover Reveal: The Wayward Deed

How close is she? I still don’t know!

I just wrapped up one of the revisions for Vacancy Book Two: The Wayward Deed, and in celebration I am revealing this absolutely stunning cover by EerilyFair Designs. Winter has come to Moonlit Shores and Lorelei and friends are racing against a clock they can’t see to stop a series of baddies they barely understand. Can they protect Moonlit Shores Manor and themselves? Well, of course they can, there’s a third book after this one, but how will they do it? You’ll have to read to find out!

The Weary Traveler has been out for just shy of a month, and according to my publishing dashboard, downloads, and page reads, she’s my most popular book which I couldn’t be more pleased about. The sequel and second in the trilogy doesn’t have a release date set just yet (my confidence is very close but not quite ready this far out), but if I can stick to my schedule (which I am surprisingly ahead of right now despite real life setbacks otherwise), The Wayward Deed should be out sometime in May. My schedule also says the finale should be out in mid August which is…sort of just this:

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