A New Project?

Since I was a little ahead of schedule, I allowed myself to explore a new idea, and somehow I’ve produced about 20k words of a new project in the last three-ish days. (My last #1LineWed came from the very rough draft.) I don’t know where this thing is going, it’s romance-heavy, based a little (maybe a lot) on D&D type stuff, and involves magic and religion in a way I haven’t done before. Usually my main characters are human or just learning about their abilities, but this piece features some skilled casters and a more complex system.

I’m not sure if this is a novella, a one off novel, or a whole series (and if it is a series, dear god, the angsty longing might just kill me before it’s done), but these characters are already a lot of fun to torture, and the world is a more traditional fantasy setting which I really love developing. I’m playing with a darker, heavier theme that borders on overdramatic, but what’s the point of cloaks and daggers without a little cloak-and-dagger, eh? Basically, I’m just pouring a lot of self indulgence into this thing to get it out of my system. Oh, and there are a shit load of dark elves because I have recently discovered those are just my thing.

The working title for this book is A Blighted Throne, but I’m not married to that yet. It seems to match how these kinds of titles go, and it probably needs “throne” or “crown” or “curse” in there. Really I’m not infusing this story with the same attempt at comedy/parody that I normally do, and that might be the hardest thing for me–taking it seriously–but here we are. These are, admittedly, the kind of stories I really enjoy reading when they’re done well, but I’m not sure if I’m capable of doing it well. I’m going to need beta readers if this ever gets off the ground, and they’re going to need to be harsh.

I threw together a mood board for the piece, and if you know me, you know this is my aesthetic almost to a T, it’s just missing a raven and a skull and a hidden unicorn (also the moon, why the fuck did I leave out the moon?), but who knows, maybe those things will work their way in before it’s over. Actually, the moon might need to be in the title. Fuck, see? My grip on this thing just isn’t there yet. I have no idea if anyone will ever be allowed to read this thing, there’s already too much swooning, and hesitation, and accidental leers, and too-soft-but-exhilarating touches, and I’m, like, barely a quarter of the way through the messy first draft, but at the very least I’m burning off some of this excess writing energy into something potentially productive. The Wayward Deed is also getting a lovely edit at the same time, so maybe Lorelei and Conrad are going to suffer (or prosper?) from all this too, we’ll see!

A Blighted Throne (working title) mood board. Behold, that part of my brain I don’t 100% allow to do whatever it wants because it turns me into a mushy, flighty mess, but I don’t know, maybe that’s okay???

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