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Pre-Order The Wayward Deed Now!

Vacancy Book Two: The Wayward Deed is set for release on May 19th, and you can pre-order it now!

Lorelei Fischer has finally settled into her new life at enchanted bed and breakfast Moonlit Shores Manor, and besides that teeny tiny attempt on her life—which, by the way, she survived—things are going great. Hiding the fact she’s human from the charmed folk is second nature, even if the fae who glamoured her has suddenly gone missing, and her job managing the front desk is a breeze, even if her succubus coworker is swamped with a mysterious side hustle.

It’s only with the arrival of a suspicious guest who may be hunting humans that Lorelei begins to worry winter at Moonlit Shores Manor might be more perilous than fall. It would be nice if Conrad, who’s supposed to own the place, would talk to her—nice for a couple reasons, really—but it seems everyone around the manor has new secrets to keep, and it’s going to take a lot of work to make that broody warlock open up about any of his.

But with a rogue cupid committing random acts of love all over the manor, a predatory popstar checking in and throwing a surprise show, and an evil entity trapped up in the attic, Lorelei barely has enough time to worry about anything else, including that prophesy about someone trying to kill her during a blizzard. Oh, and the deed is still missing…

To celebrate, The Weary Traveler, the first in the Vacancy series, will be free May 19th through May 21st, so if you’ve read neither, those three days are perfect for snagging both books (230k words total) for $3.99! And if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, you can read them both for free anytime!

Now I’ve got to get back to perfecting the finale of this series, The Willful Inheritor. I’ve got pages of notes kept over the last…6ish years? They all need to be combed over and organized so that every loose end gets tied up and Vacancy gets the satisfying conclusion it deserves. Ah, what a bittersweet relief it will be when that day comes.

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