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Help An Indie Author With Reviews

Hello, Dear Reader! As you likely know, I’m an indie author which is a hipster-y way of saying I self-publish. One of the biggest struggles self-published authors face is promotion–how do we reach an audience, any audience, let alone the exact audience who would be interested in our books? And then, when we do find them, how do we let that audience know our work is worth their hard-earned dollars and their time?


There is really nothing better you can do for an indie author than leave an honest review of their work. Not only do we crave the validation that comes along with those little stars and words, but we need someone impartial to tell future readers that this book? This book right here? Well, somebody gosh darn liked the thing, and maybe you will too.

So the giveaway I’m offering up today has all of that in mind. The books you’ll find linked below are all free, you just need to apply for a review copy, and if you’re accepted, leave an honest review when you’ve finished reading.

Free Books For Reviewers

Check out 15 titles, with genres spanning fantasy, romance, sci-fi, and thrillers, there’s something in here for everybody!

The Weary Traveler is included amongst them, and if you do pick it up and like it, I would so very much appreciate a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Thank you, Dear Reader!

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