Grab Some eBooks for May

Haunted by E.E. Everly, a free Review Copy

Haunted is the third novel in the Fallen Emrys Chronicles, an epic romantic fantasy series. If you like a hero enamored by several tempting women bound to destroy him, then you’ll love this book by E.E. Everly.

Along with his ability to deceive others, Caedryn has skills that make him a perfect double agent, including executing a daring stunt that draws the eye of an evil empress. Caedryn soon finds himself welcomed into her confidence—and pulled into her twisted plots and secrets.

Empress Rhianu’s dark power repulses him, yet as Caedryn becomes closer, he sees an intimate part of her that no one should ever see a power-hungry empress possess. A softness. A vulnerability.

Despite his mission to bring the empress down, the longer Caedryn knows her, the more she warps his reason. She’s either really sincere behind the scenes or as gifted in deception as he is. Has she caught on to his role as a double agent, or does she really trust Caedryn as much as she says she does?

Daybreak by Beryl Kelland, a KU Deal

Daybreak is the second installment in the Call of the Forest Realm novella series, by Beryl Kelland.

After mere days in the Forest Realm, Briony is adjusting to the ways of her new life, but unanswered questions linger. Meeting her father’s inner circle brings new friendships, along with the stark reminder of being an outsider to the kingdom. As tensions mount, Briony finds herself wondering who she can trust and whether the fae court is really so happy to have their princess back after all.

Free on Kindle Unlimited or just $0.99

And you can get the first installment, First Light, here for free!

Fate Accompli by Keith R. Fentonmiller, a pre-order deal

Fate Accompli is a darkly humorous romp through the Greek pantheon and the Italian Renaissance by Keith R. Rentonmiller.

Fate had one job. And she bungled it . . . badly. Now only a cursed hatter and a tormented water nymph can fix the damage. 

Tuscany, 1603. Andolosia Petasos dreams of being the next Da Vinci. Only Fate has cursed him to make hats. It’s not Andolosia’s fault. After all, a Greek ancestor stole Hermes’ teleportation hat and brought down all of Olympus. And the gods don’t easily forgive that sort of thing.

In Olympus, Moira strives to weave a future that will fix the heavenly disaster. The very one she created.

Meanwhile, the rich and powerful Sansone de Medici hires Andolosia to create a fantastical hat. A job that will change the hatter’s life. At de Medici’s Florentine palazzo, Andolosia encounters the feisty Carlotta Lux. She claims de Medici has kidnapped her because she is descended from Daphne, the legendary water nymph. Of course Andolosia has no choice but to rescue her using Hermes’ hat. But instead of gratitude, she is furious. Carlotta had been within inches of killing her captor.

Because Sansone de Medici is not who he seems. He is driven by a supernatural urge that demands he never gives up the chase. And Andolosia and Carlotta can’t run far enough to escape him.

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