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So Many Free Review Copies!

Dear Reader, I’ve got so many surprises for you! Well, it’s really, like, one surprise with a bunch of little pieces. ARCs are here! Both for The Wayward Deed and for a whole host of fantasy novels by loads of great authors over on StoryOrigin.

First, Vacancy Book Two.

Grab the Advanced Reader Copy of The Wayward Deed, the second book in the Vacancy trilogy, on Booksprout now!

Lorelei Fischer has finally settled into her new life at enchanted bed and breakfast Moonlit Shores Manor, and besides that teeny tiny attempt on her life—which, by the way, she survived—things are going great. Hiding the fact she’s human from the charmed folk is second nature, even if the fae who glamoured her has suddenly gone missing, and her job managing the front desk is a breeze, even if her succubus coworker is swamped with a mysterious side hustle.

It’s only with the arrival of a suspicious guest who may be hunting humans that Lorelei begins to worry winter at Moonlit Shores Manor might be more perilous than fall. It would be nice if Conrad, who’s supposed to own the place, would talk to her—nice for a couple reasons, really—but it seems everyone around the manor has new secrets to keep, and it’s going to take a lot of work to make that broody warlock open up about any of his.

But with a rogue cupid committing random acts of love all over the manor, a predatory popstar checking in and throwing a surprise show, and an evil entity trapped up in the attic, Lorelei barely has enough time to worry about anything else, including that prophesy about someone trying to kill her during a blizzard. Oh, and the deed is still missing…

If you’re the kind of awesome reader who likes to leave reviews and spread the word about your favorite books, check out the Review Copy Promo I put together over on StoryOrigin this month through June 13th, 2021! There are 43 books to choose from (or choose them all!) to apply for review copies–those are free copies in return for your honest review of the book posted to various websites or your social media. Every author has a different request, but those are all detailed in the application process.

Trading a review copy for an honest review is a great way, as I’ve said before, to help out indie authors. You get a free book, hours of entertainment, and we get intensely sought after reviews to let future readers know someone actually liked our work! Unreviewed works and works with few ratings (even if those rating are all sparkling and good) are much less likely to be picked up by new readers, so any help we can get, we appreciate!

Also, you can grab review copies of both The Weary Traveler (Vacancy Book One) and She’s All Thaumaturgy in that promo!

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