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The Wayward Deed is Here!

Vacancy Book Two: The Wayward Deed

It’s officially release day for book two of the Vacancy series! I’ve been anticipating this for almost no other reason than to prove to myself I can keep doing something and get that much closer to the finish line. I’ve literally never felt so accomplished in my entire life. I mean, I’ve done some pretty okay stuff in the last 33 years, but this? This is what I’m most proud of. And when the last book in this trilogy comes out? Oh, baybeee, I cannot wait for that sweet, sweet sense of self satisfaction.

Read an excerpt of The Wayward Deed here! Or, if you haven’t read any of Vacancy yet, read an excerpt of The Weary Traveler here! And if you like that, The Weary Traveler will be free through 5/21/21!

Also, it’s #1linewed, so here’s that too:

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