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Creatures and Covens is Coming to Kindle Vella Next Week

The Amazonians have made the announcement–Kindle Vella goes live “next week” (because giving us an exact date would be way too helpful), so I’ve taken the plunge and have the first five episodes of my super-secret-except-not-really, paranormal romance Creatures and Covens uploaded and in review!

God, just read that blurb. And look at those tags. And that damn image. I am one step closer to my final form.

Actually, I’ve got some professional artwork coming, that’s just a placeholder image I threw together on Canva (which I love), but I needed something for the meantime since the predicted release date of 7/12/21 is about a week sooner than I was expecting Vella to be available to readers. I’m just hoping the team at Amazon approves all my episodes before then. I very much wanted the whole shebang out before Vella went live, going for a Netflix-style, binge-it-if-you-want approach to the episodic format of the app, but I have a plan to get them all out relatively quickly. Creatures and Covens should be complete and fully released before the end of the month!

What I don’t have is a link to tell you where to read it. It’ll be on the Kindle app, I THINK, and the first three episodes will be completely free and available to all readers, so you can preview the story and see if it’s to your taste before jumping in. There’s more swearing, violence, and slightly more mature themes in this than my other stuff, but it doesn’t count as “steamy” romance as far as I understand the genre. It’s just darker and less comedy-centric than how I usually write. Well, write for publication anyway. You have no idea how many dick jokes get cut every round of editing I go through. It is a real tragedy.

Well, that’s all there really is to say for now. I’ll post an excerpt and a link when I can, but I need to get back into the writing. Fingers crossed that I reach my audience! Please love my vegetarian, vampire-next-door and feisty, ginger heroine! PLEASE!

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