Creatures and Covens is Live on Kindle Vella

(Also the whole app is live, but whatever because I’m pumped about this story!)

All Wren Pruitt wanted was a night free of ghostly apparitions. What she got was a vampire in her bed.

On the run from a deranged warlock and transforming into a mysterious being herself, Wren is thrown into the world of the ensorcelled, creatures who look human but can perform necromancy, control the elements, and shift into monsters.

Fleeing from coven to coven, will the vampire Wren is forced to run with be her savior, or will Wren’s enchanted blood prove too tasty to survive the night?

Go check out Creatures and Covens right now on Kindle Vella! The first three episodes are completely free AND you’re getting 200 free tokens right now which will pay for the next seven episodes. That’s 10 free episodes, all that are out so far, and the first complete arc of the story. If you like vampires, blood, and people almost being gutted but getting away at the last minute, I think you just might like this.

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