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More Vella Episodes Live Today

Creatures and Covens is up to 20 live episodes (with more pending review, so who know how many will be up by the time this scheduled post goes live). From the looks of things, I think the completed story will be around 35-40 episodes total (depending on how exactly I break them up or if I go super crazy with my last-minute edits because, babe, I gotta tell ya, sometimes I get carried away, I do!), but regardless–we are past the halfway point!

The story is cut up into five arcs, and the third arc begins in episode 19’s middle. Without giving too much away, I’ve been calling the arcs (in my head): water, blood, fire, earth, and air. It’s a little…Avatar-ish, I guess? But the story doesn’t resemble…wait…does it? Did I just do The Last Airbender but with vampires????

Nooooooo…ignore that, there aren’t nations or…well, there are different covens? And people with element-related abilities…ahh, naw! But it is a funny thought!

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