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The Weary Traveler Audiobook is Coming Soon!

Narrator and producer Ellen Quay has knocked another one of my books right out of the park!

The Weary Traveler will be available for all you audiobook lovers in, hopefully, about a month. We’re waiting on Audible’s audio review team right now, but I’ve heard it all, and oh, my gods, I love it. I mean, okay, I guess that’s a little…self centered since I wrote the thing, but Ellen brings such a life and vibrancy to the characters and world. She gets the pithy humor but also all the squishy sentiments, and presents it all with such an endearing sincerity.

I did my review this week, and it’s put me back into the Vacancy headspace. I took a short break from finishing up book three to avoid getting too bogged down, and now I’m ready to wrap up Lorelei’s story and gift it over to you, Dear Reader (and Listener). For a little while there, I was very ready to be done with the world and characters, but I feel reinvigorated now and actually quite sad to be so close to the end. That’s the problem with a series, I think: the investment. It’s both too much and not enough at once.

And remember, The Association is already out on audio, produced and narrated by Ellen Quay too!

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