The Weary Traveler – The Audiobook Is Here!

The Weary Traveler is out on Audible and iTunes!

Ellen Quay did an amazing job narrating Lorelei’s introduction to Moonlit Shores Manor and her tumble into the looking glass that is this world, and I just cannot recommend her enough! I expected the audio review process to take much longer, but Amazon is just a constant surprise, for better or worse it seems. You can grab it now, free if you become a new Audible member, or as part of your membership!

The Weary Traveler has been raking in some reviews lately too, and I’m super pleased! I’m a human (shocker, I know), and humans need validation, and there’s really no better feeling than to know someone loved the thing you dumped your heart and soul into, so, Dear Reader, if you have reviewed any of my work, thank you, and if you ever love any author’s work, I implore you, leave a review. It means the entire world!

Right now, I’m deep in the thick of the third and final book of Vacancy. I don’t want to turn this post into yet another complaint session re: trilogies and endings, but holy heck. Just know I am feeling all those things right now. The Willful Inheritor, Vacancy Book Three, will be out next, though, count on it.

But here’s a little preview of possible releases after that this year. In fact, let’s play a game, shall we? We’re at the halfway mark of 2021, and these are the things I’ll be picking from this year to follow up the trilogy. Let’s see which ones actually get done, shall we?

  • Creatures and Covens – A dark, paranormal romance one-off to be released as an ebook (currently halfway finished on Vella with zero traction)
  • Slay Belles (Working Title) – A Christmas horror/comedy one-off that I can only release at Christmas, obviously, but keep not starting soon enough to get it out for the season
  • Ascending Evil (Working Title) – A sword and sorcery comedy one-off that is FULLY fleshed out like no other book I’ve ever plotted, a sort of sister book to She’s All Thaumaturgy though it’s not a sequel or even in the same world
  • The Blightwood Series – A sword and sorcery trilogy, not humorous but a true attempt at fantasy, that you can read an excerpt from here

At the very least, I’m not lacking for ideas. I’ll revisit this post in January, and we’ll see how far I’ve come!

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