Does Community Deserve That Movie It’s Always Talking About?

I just finished watching the sixth season. I religiously watched the show when it aired, back when you had to wait for TV. I loved it, in many ways it taught me more about humor and meta-ness than anything else ever has, and I hate to brag but I was committed enough to actually tweet and try and save Greendale, so la-de-dah me. But when it ended up online, I never got around to catching up until now, six years later. I think the real world slammed into me pretty hard in the time between NBC and Yahoo, so I disconnected from a lot of things during that time. Am I a bad fan? Dan Harmon would probably say so. But he also thinks season four sucked solely because he wasn’t there, but it’s arguably better than five and six so…

Anyway, I’m thinking of writing up a whole, long, essay-type post analyzing what went wrong and where and how a movie could end up better than the last full half of the show’s existence, but I just wanted to answer this question real quick because it’s so incredibly easy.

Does Community deserve that movie it’s always talking about?

Yes, with one caveat: Donald Glover has to come back.

See? Easy.

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