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Listen To This!

Today I’m just here to implore you to listen to some music. It’s amongst my favorite in terms of genre: comedy. Except “comedy” isn’t really a genre of music, it’s just how you interpret lyrics. The actual genre is like synth/alt/indie, I guess? I don’t know, it’s pretty transcendent, but if you like good music and also the word fuck, get this album: Artificial Intelligence by Tom Cardy.

All the songs are good, but I love “Why Am I Anxious?” and “Read Between The Lines” the most, though the title track above has grown on me so much in a matter of days that it’s inspired me to start mentally drafting a very stupid but potentially heartbreaking novella that I don’t have time to write, so yeah, it’s that fucking good. JUST LISTEN TO THE HEARTBEAT IN THERE, DID YOU GET THAT? WHY IS IT SO SMART???

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