Kindle Unlimited Reads to Kick Off Fall

Assassinations, murder mysteries, magic, what more could you want for the beginning of spooky season? Grab these books for free in Kindle Unlimited!

Dark Enlightening
by Shawnna Lea

An assassin, a wizard, and a man tangled up with both of them go on a misguided adventure in search of magical treasure only to come across a world ending power…

Avic has landed himself in prison, being tortured daily after his friends left him with little memory as to what had happened to them after an impulsive search for treasure caused a cave’s near collapse. Soon rescued by his escape artist assassin friend, affectionately referred to as Whisper, Avic finds out the truth of what they found in the cave as he watches a kingdom in chaos, the sky falling and their third companion missing. 

When Avic begins to question the wizard’s involvement in the evil and unstoppable happenings killing so many, it becomes clear that  what they found in the cave was something that never should have been touched. 

Feeling responsible, Avic embarks on a journey to find a way to stop the coming doom brought on by his once friend only to find an obstacle at every turn. In his reluctance, Whisper’s allegiances are unclear. But will he be the unwilling savior in the end, or will the world fall at the hands of a madman consumed with undefeatable power?

Dead as A Dodo
by Jeannie Wycherley

Dodo was dead. And there the matter should have rested.

At least for DS Elise Liddell.

Emotionally burnt out, she considers herself retired from police work.

By rights it has nothing to do with her, but someone killed the poor man and, as Elise can resist everything except a good puzzle (and a shot of Blue Goblin vodka), here she is tangled up in a murder case.

When a petty thief hands himself into the Ministry of Witches Police Department, Elise’s ex-colleagues consider it an open and shut case.

She’s less convinced.

Revitalized by the investigation, she takes the suspect on as the first client of her new paranormal detective agency. What would this insignificant wretch have to gain by murdering the cantankerous old wizard? Elise knows full well, by uncovering the motive she can reveal the true killer.

But she forgets, in Tumble Town even the shadows are alive … and now someone or something is hunting her.

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