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Productive Days

I don’t want to jinx it, but these have been some hella productive days, and I think I know what I owe it to: reading.

I’m more inspired than ever to finish Vacancy, and it’s got to be because I’m into someone else’s book right now. The genre is totally different than what I’m writing, but that never seems to matter: whether I’m reading one of Flynn’s thrillers, a fluffy, comedic fantasy novel, a dark romance, whatever, I’m spurred on by this incessant need to create–a lot and well–that I only feel when I’m eyeballs deep in somebody else’s words. Books are literally magic, Dear Reader, there’s just no other way to explain it.

And I’m busier now with “real life” than ever too, so books are just a testament to getting through the thick of things. We’ve got big, awesome changes ahead, but I feel capable and just on the verge of overwhelmed where I can look back at what I’ve done every day and feel super accomplished, and then look forward at what I have yet to do and still be calm even though the chores are stacking to a near-toppling height. My calendar is full, my inbox is never empty, but the words keep coming and they don’t stop coming (fed to the rules, and I hit the ground running).

Of course, I have to chalk a little of it up to the coming changes too. It helps to be excited about things rather than dreading them. But a weight has been lifted, and though I’ll be entering an even more limbo-y limbo than I’ve complained about in the past, this feels more purposeful. These vagaries aren’t helpful, I know, but someday (and maybe even soon) I’ll be able to blog about it all.

Anyway, here’s a fun image I threw together in Canva because I am feeling so accomplished, I felt I’d earned ten minutes of messing around. It’s coming soon!

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