Okay, So, I Guess I Am Doing NaNo

Yeah, I gave in a couple days ago, and I’m just doing the dang thing. Things have been a wild mess the last week or so, and I haven’t had time to write, so obviously the best choice was to add another project into the mix, right?

Actually, setting up this project on the NaNo site and reviewing my notes for it were a really great distraction from the chaos. I couldn’t focus on The Willful Inheritor like I wanted, but this took a lot less out of me. I’m about 98% sure I’ll be able to dedicate a measly 1667 words a day to Bad Blood (working title) while still getting Vacancy Book 3 out too, so it’s a win win!

Add me as your buddy, I don’t have many of them! I’m predictably AK Caggiano on the site.

Here’s a first draft of a mini excerpt from Bad Blood. It’s a very silly project that I’ve been hyped to do since the idea came to me, magic-muse style a few months ago, fully formed and ready to be thrust out into the world. Of course, that’s just the idea that’s ready, but the writing has to come first. And then the editing, and more editing, and the waiting, and the baking, and the everything, but soon!

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